Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am now taking custom orders, rush delivery, and skirt/top price update.

I am working on some spring/summer samples to show you gals..... I'm working on the damask sets now along with the embellished skirts..... I'm planning on making the Valentiney sets this coming weekend and the beginning of next week....So many of you expressed interest that I ordered more fabric! Would you be interested in an Easter casual set?? If several of you are I could order some fabric!

I have thought and thought about prices for sets..... I try to keep things as low as I can, but I do have to make a little $$$$. Sometimes I don't make much at all, and that's ok..... I love doing specials, and I will pop up with those here and there where I can price shirts and pants/skirts for $45. Starting today you can choose from the Just Bella pant in regular or capri length or a super twirly drop waisted skirt along with an embellished tee for $50. I've looked around, and most people charge $60 for these sets...... When I order one batch of fabric like the Damask or Valentiney sets I can do it for less.......

If you need something NOW like within 5 days you can pay $50 extra. I will make it that day or the next and ship it overnight.........

Okie dokie.....I think that's it....... I am so grateful to all of you who have made my little at home hobby a great little business! I have so much fun sewing for your little ones, and I LOVE seeing pictures of your little dolls in their CreationsbyLoulou!!! If you have any suggestions or see a pattern you love just shoot me an email, and I will be happy to get it!

Happy New Year!


JuJu - said...

we want an Easter dress Lou Lou -
put us on the waiting list please:)

also - can I hire you to make Miss Abby grace a one of a kind Birthday outfit? her B'day is May 5th - I want something amazing - like only you can do:)

Anonymous said...

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