Friday, December 19, 2008


Easter is on April 12 this year.... I know that seems a LONG way off, but it really isn't. I have found a gorgeous fabric family that I will be using to make my Easter Creations.... I am offering 4 dress styles and a skirt. I am making samples after Christmas and plan to have them ready mid-January. To go along with the dress I am making matching Easter Baskets out of the same fabric. Can you say FABULOUS? I'm also giving the option of adding a stuffed bunny and bow to match! If you don't want the basket, bunny, or bow I will sell the dresses alone. A couple of these dresses will have embellished or hand embroidered aprons and will be very time consuming to make, so I am only committing to 10 orders. 4 people have already expressed interest, so that only leaves 6 spots. I plan to have these shipped by mid-March to give you plenty of time to have those Easter pictures taken. Email me if you want me to hold you a spot. I'm not taking money now..... I just want to get an idea of who's interested. Prices will range from $70- $120 for the set. Dresses will start at $45-50.

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Carrie said...

I want a dress!!!!! That is right around Savannah's birthday too, so how adorable would her three year old photos be?????? No bunny or bow necessary here. Just a dress (we have plenty of stuffed animals and lots of bows)