Friday, October 31, 2008

Clothing Choices:

The Just Bella Pant- $30 one fabric- $35 for 2 fabrics
Every little girl needs a pair of these in her closet.
Available in sizes 6 months- girls' size 16

The Jenny Poo Top and Gauchos- $55

The Jenny Poo Top- $40

The Jenny Poo Top with Just Bella Pant- $70

Available in sizes 6months- 8 years. Size 6 and up add $5

The Essie Kate Top- $40
The Essie Kate top with Just Bella Pant- $65
The Essie Kate Top with Gauchos- $55
Boutique Style Layered Top with 3 coordinating Fabrics
Available in sizes 6 months- 6 years
Size 7 and up add $5

The Anne Pearce Top- $40
The Anne Pearce Top with Just Bella Pant- $65
The Anne Pearce Top with Gauchos- $55
Classic A Line with a twist. Tab and ribbon shoulder closure.
Available in sizes 6 months- size 5 Shown with optional flower pin- $5

Dance Maggie Top- $40
The Dance Maggie Top with Just Bella Pant- $70
The Dance Maggie Top with Gauchos- $55
The Ultimate Boutique Top
Available in sizes 6 months- girls' size 16
Sizes 7 and up add $5

Shown with optional bodice ruffle- $5

The Olivia Rounded Neck Top or Dress- $38
The Olivia Top or Dress with Just Bella Pant-$60

The Olivia Top or Dress with Gauchos- $53
2 contrasting fabrics
Available in sizes 2-7

The Classic A Line- $30 lined, $40 reversible
Perfect for a monogram or applique
Available in shirt or dress lengths and sizes 6 months- size 8

Twirl Kennedy Twirl Skort with attached pantaloon- $50
Skirt only- $30

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now taking orders on Winter Fun Outfit!

Scroll below for new post with new pictures!

I am now taking orders for the new Fun Winter outfit.... The outfit will consist of a pair of Just Bella pants in a fabric that will take you through all winger. You will also receive a long sleeved white t-shirt with a red monogram of your child's initials. Holly G. is designing a bow to coordinate perfectly. The price for all 3 items is only $50! You can't beat that deal ANYWHERE. I will reserve a spot for the first 10 emails I receive. I will also have a waiting list.... I believe I will have enough fabric to make 12 pair, but I'll have to see for sure. Email me at to reserve your spot!

This is the fabric for the Just Bella pant... The ruffle fabric is below.

Fabric for the ruffle

This is an example of the shirt that comes with the set:

Custom Bow designed by Holly G!

Newest Creations by Loulou

Anne Pearce and Essie in the Just Bella Pant with matching Yo Yo pin....

Just Bella Pant
For my Miss Caroline Walker.... The Olivia rounded neck top with Just Bella Pant. Megan, I am so happy with the way this turned out.... Sorry the pics have glare, but I couldn't wait for good lighting to show you the finished product!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Christmas in October.......

Joleen, Your stuff is DONE! It turned out perfectly!!! I can't wait for you to see it in person!
Layered Top with Boutique ruffled pants:

Holiday Hostess Fabric by Michael Miller with creme and red polka dots.... Reversible A Line with Boutique ruffled bottoms. I love this fabric so much I wanted to wrap up in it!

Missy's set: red and white polkas with stripes