Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now taking orders on Winter Fun Outfit!

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I am now taking orders for the new Fun Winter outfit.... The outfit will consist of a pair of Just Bella pants in a fabric that will take you through all winger. You will also receive a long sleeved white t-shirt with a red monogram of your child's initials. Holly G. is designing a bow to coordinate perfectly. The price for all 3 items is only $50! You can't beat that deal ANYWHERE. I will reserve a spot for the first 10 emails I receive. I will also have a waiting list.... I believe I will have enough fabric to make 12 pair, but I'll have to see for sure. Email me at to reserve your spot!

This is the fabric for the Just Bella pant... The ruffle fabric is below.

Fabric for the ruffle

This is an example of the shirt that comes with the set:

Custom Bow designed by Holly G!


Becky & David said...

Love it, Lou! I hope you got my e-mail. ;)

Kristi said...

I emailed you ......


Doripink said...

Emailed you :)